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Holy Week

Óbidos remains a privileged stage to the celebration of historical and religious events. Evoking the Passion and Death of Christ, the Holy Week attracts to town thousands of Portuguese and foreign tourists, all of them joined by devotion or culture.

Raising the highest tourism interest, early the Holy Week became Óbidos best poster, and there is no doubt, in its genre, those are the most impressive religious ceremonies of West region.

Being the highest point of Óbidos liturgic calendar, the Holy Week assumes a very special meaning, not only for the local community but also for thousands of pilgrims and tourists who visit the town at this occasion.
Religious and cultural activities are connected, consisting on an invitation for pilgrims and tourists to stay for a longer period. A larger cultural program that includes religious music and dance enriches this time of the year.

The Holy Week religious ceremonies begin at April 8 and finish at April 16. During this period, several masses, processions and other celebrations will take place in different local churches, standing out those on the Palm Sunday, on the Good Friday and on the Easter Sunday.
The goal of such a cultural program, full of artistic and cultural activities, is to enrich the religious program. This will certainly please thousands of visitors who choose Óbidos as their destination.

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